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27 November 2018Scottish War Blinded

Scottish War Blinded is a wonderful charity that supports all veterans with sight loss. You needn't have lost vision on duty - they also support older National Service veterans or Reserves who lost their sight many years after their service. So it can be a great community to be a part of. I know a few of my patients thoroughly enjoy their visits.

Among other things they offer regular contact and support to cope, specialist equipment and training, and even financial support - all helping to maintain independence and quality of life. 

So if you, or someone you know, could benefit from their services, get in touch


08 November 2018Reading gives us somewhere to go when we have to stay where we are

 Reading provides a great escape when we can't get out of the house. Make sure your eye sight is in tip top shape by getting regular eye examinations and investing in a good LED reading lamp. Call for an appointment today on 0141 611 9696

Home eye tests are available if you can't leave your home without assistance. 

Ann McBay, Optometrist

17 September 2018Why you shouldn't worry about Glaucoma - Part 3

Who is at risk of glaucoma?

Well, anyone really. But it's more likely if you have a family history of it, if you're over 60, if you are of African origin and it's more likely if you have diabetes. 

Approximately 5% of people over 65 have glaucoma. 

Here are some links to useful information.



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