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04 May 2022Safety is still my Priority

You may be feeling nervous about having someone come into your home and that is completely understandable. Many people are feeling the same.

Be assured that your safety is still my priority.

My Infection Prevention and Control protocols are still firmly in place and I‘ll be wearing PPE for your home visit. My equipment and glasses are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between each visit.  In addition, I’m fully vaccinated and self testing regularly. But if you’ve got any questions or concerns about an optician visiting your home for an eye test, feel free to get in touch for more information.

But most importantly, if you are having trouble with your vision or eyes - if anything seems wrong or different - do not hesitate to call for advice.

Ann McBay, Principal Optometrist

23 March 2022The Most Common Issue when trying to Read...

Everyone knows that you need light to read, and a good light at that. Natural daylight is our best light source and I’m sure I’m not alone when I take a food or medicine packet to a window to read the instructions.

            But what is less well known is how the amount of light we need changes as our eyes get older. As our eyes change the lens absorbs more light before it can reach our retina, and our pupil diameter reduces therefore letting less light in in the first place. Once we’re in our seventies, or older, we need WAY more light than we used to.

            Because I perform eye examinations in people’s homes, I can see exactly how much light is available. I carry a battery powered LED lamp with me to demonstrate how a good direct task light can help with reading. And my clients are always surprised by how much easier they can read compared to their normal uplighter or table lamp.

            So, what light to buy? Well, it doesn’t have to be one of those expensive ones that advertise in the back of Sunday supplements! Just an average bare bulb lamp, like a desk lamp, with a bright LED lightbulb and a neck that you can angle close to your book or paper. Floor standing lamps are great as they can be positioned behind your usual chair – but the bulb has to be as close to your reading material as possible.

            Those “mother and child” lamps that have an uplighter at the top and a reading arm coming out the side are great.

            For more information or to find out if you qualify for a visit from a home visiting optician call 0141 611 9696.

I look forward to seeing you soon.


Principal Optometrist at McBay Mobile Opticians

17 February 2022Regular Eye Tests are so important

One of the most common things I hear as a Domiciliary Optometrist is "I never knew you could have an eye examination at home", or something along those lines. And yet, the importance of good eye sight when you're no longer able to leave your own home is paramount. If your vision is not great, your risk of falls and accidents is much higher. And if you can't see the TV clearly, or no longer read with comfort, then your quality of life can be greatly affected.

There's an estimated 2.7 million people in the UK who might benefit from domiciliary eye care. If you think that might be you, and you live within the Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board area, get in touch.

07 February 2022Is there a link between Eye Conditions and Dementia?

Recent scientific research suggests there may be a direct link between certain eye conditions and dementia. This is thought to be because of reduced activity in particular areas of the brain that deal with vision, leading to cell loss and, therefore, hastening the developement of dementia. 

Cataract, Macular Degeneration and Diabetic Eye Disease were all hightlighted in the report released at the end of 2021. 

Can early detection and treatment of eye conditions affect the development of Dementia? This is unclear. However, regular eye examinations are more important than ever. And if you can no longer leave your home to visit your Optician, then McBay Mobile Opticians can come to you. 

Contact me for more information, or to see if you qualify for a Free NHS Home Eye Test. I work throughout Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board area - including Glasgow and surrounding areas, Paisley, Greenock and Gourock.

31 January 2022Who's a "Falls Risk"?

The dreaded words – “Falls Risk”! Why do we seemingly, suddenly, become at risk of falling? Well, there’s no simple answer…

Risk of falling increases with age, with previous history of falls, with conditions such as dementia and arthritis and with taking more than four medications per day.

But a BIG reason is poor vision.

Our vision naturally deteriorates with age and we need much more LIGHT than we did in the past. So, lighting dark hallways and corners can help. As can keeping your glasses prescription up to date.

For more information or to find out if you qualify for a free NHS eye examination in your own home call 0141 611 9696.

I look forward to seeing you soon.


Principal Optometrist at McBay Mobile Opticians

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