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08 January 2020Happy New Year!

A very happy 2020 to all my wonderful patients. It's great to be back from the holidays and to be out and about on home visits. I'm looking forward to Spring already, but I suppose there are a few months to go yet! 

McBay Mobile Opticians is now nearly 6 years old. And I've been working as a qualified Optometrist for 25 years. How time flies. 

Looking forward to seeing you all again throughout the year ahead. 

Very best wishes, Ann

09 December 2019What to do about Dry Eye - part 3

Diet, or what we put in our bodies, can play a big part in Dry Eye.

Smoking has a direct link with Dry Eye and your Optometrist will have already advised you to stop.

A healthy diet rich in Omega 3 fatty acids can help too. If you don't like oily fish then consider a good quality supplement or old fashioned Cod Liver oil. Vitamin D can also play a role in healthy tear films. Adequate levels are tricky to achieve from diet alone and in northern countries it makes sense to take a supplement. 

21 October 2019What to do about Dry Eye - part 2

Once you havea  diagnosis it's important to understand there is ano quick fix - this is a condition that requires management. If drops were prescribed get into a habit of using them regularly. And make some other changes to help prevent symptoms.

  • Avoid cold winds which can evaportate your tears quicker - try wraparound sunglasses
  • Dry environments won't help, so when the heating is on a cup of water on your radiator will help with humidity
  • Blink properly. Blinking is automatic but take the time to blink fully - squeezing your eyes closed. This can help spread your tears and prevent drying

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