20 January 2018
Top Tips for using Eye Drops

Ever tried to put some eye drops in and ended up with a soaking wet face instead? You’re not alone! For some people locating their eye with the drops can seem like an impossible task. And failing to get eye drops in correctly can have serious consequences. If the drops are for Glaucoma, for instance, regularly missing your eye can even lead to sight loss.

On top of that, eye drop bottles are always tiny and by mastering your eye drops you’ll prevent frequent trips to the chemist.

Here are some simple tricks to learn which will result in you hitting the right spot every time. Follow this easy how-to guide.

Forget about the mirror in the bathroom. Instead, sit in a comfortable high backed chair or sofa and rest your head back. This will stop you swaying about and fix your eye in the one place.

Next, with one finger gently pull your lower lid down to expose more of your eyeball.

With the other hand, hold the bottle about an inch above your eye. Be very careful not to touch your eye with the bottle as this can contaminate the eye drops.

Squeeze the bottle until you feel a drop hit.

If you miss, don’t move! Just adjust the position of the bottle and try again. You can wipe up spills later.

Once the drop is in, close your eyes and count to 30 to let the drop get to work.

Gently blot any excess solution or tears without wiping at your eyes.

Simple! With practice this will get easier and easier.

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Principal Optometrist at McBay Mobile Opticians

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