27 January 2018
"I'm too old to have my cataracts done"

A couple of times recently I’ve had a patient say to me, ‘Am I not too old for cataract surgery?’ There are a number of reasons why someone would be advised not to have cataract surgery, but age alone isn’t one of them. I looked it up, and the oldest person to have had their cataracts removed was a lady from Shanghai, China who was 109!

Cataracts can really impact your quality of life, no matter how old you are. Watching TV, reading, doing crosswords for example. Cataract also affects mobility, increasing your risk of falls and therefore being able to maintain your independence. The surgery itself is usually performed under local anaesthetic and requires you only to be able to lie flat for 30 minutes and then put some eye drops in for a few weeks afterwards. Yes, you have to go to the hospital, but you’re home again the same day. So, if you’ve been offered cataract surgery and are hesitating because you feel you’re too old, talk it through with your Optometrist.

For more information or to find out if you qualify for a visit from a home visiting optician call 0141 611 9696.

I look forward to seeing you soon.


Principal Optometrist at McBay Mobile Opticians

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