16 July 2018
Why you shouldn't worry about Glaucoma - Part 1

I've had a few clients worried about Glaucoma recently. It's been in the news a lot, which might explain that.

Here's some informations about this common cause of sight loss and why we shouldn't worry too much.

With Glaucoma vision is damaged because the delicate optic nerve at the back of your eye is damaged. Usually due to high pressure inside your eye (which is unrelated to High Blood Pressure). Glaucoma can be treated but it can't be cured - yet!

Treatments involve bringing the eye pressure down, usually with regular eye drops or a small operation in stubborn cases.

In the next instalment I'll discuss why we should be worrying about Glaucoma.

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I look forward to seeing you soon.


Principal Optometrist at McBay Mobile Opticians

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