22 February 2019
What's the best light for reading?

If you follow my posts here, you'll know I'm a bit fanatical about good lighting. Over and over again I visit people for a home eye test who are struggling to read but who only need better lighting.

As our eyes age we need more lighting for close tasks - much more lighting. But that doesn't mean turning on the overhead pendant or the shaded lamp in the corner.

We need an angled, directional task lamp with the light pointed right at our book. And it has to be as close as possible to the page.

These are available in any hight street furniture or lighting store, or even in larger supermarkets.

Which light bulb is best? Well, one that's bright is best! But I usually recommend LED bulbs. They may cost a bit more up front but they last a long time, burn less energy and give a really bright light.

Ann McBay

Your local home visiting optician

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